Christian Poveda's photos of Mara 18 (18th Street gang) in El Salvador (x)

Christian Poveda spent over a year filming Mara 18 in El Salvador for his documentary La Vida Loca, which humanizes and contextualizes gang members beyond their intimidating image. In investigating the wars between Salvadoran gangs, which started in the United States among emigrants from the Salvadoran Civil War in the 1980s and returned to Central America after mass deportations, Poveda looked to seek out the roots of a conflict that goes on without ideological, religious, or political cause. What he found he called “an indirect effect of globalization,” a family construct created by poverty, history, and generations of separation. His subjects are not made out to be victims, let alone heroes or villains — but humans, and subjects of many larger forces beyond their control.

Poveda survived covering wars in Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon as a photojournalist, but he did not survive El Salvador. He was shot to death by Mara 18 members after the film’s release. 11 people were jailed in connection with the murder. Photographer Edu Ponces wrote of his death: “If you look long enough down the throat of the lion, he will eat you.”

For more information on Christian Poveda and La Vida Loca, visit the film’s site. Watch the documentary here (English subs) or here (French subs, full version).

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Jolene - Dolly Parton (1973)




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I got a queen bed today and I’m not used to all the extra space plus all of the extra space underneath for ax murderers to hide.


God shit fucking zombies.
(But all of these lady dynamics are killing me)

I’m about to heat up some cider and put whiskey in it and it seemed like I should warn ya’ll because I’ll probably end up drunk tumblin about Coven.


Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray on the set of Ghost Busters (1984).


Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray on the set of Ghost Busters (1984).

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